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What Is A Witch
Tin Can Forest Press, May 2016

Tin Can Forest Press presents "What Is A Witch" an illuminated manifesto on witchcraft,text by Pam Grossman, images by Tin Can Forest.32 pages, Full Color, 9 x 11.75 Inches, Saddle Stitched, Printed in Canada, ISBN 978-0-9880222-3-2 

Tin Can Forest Press presents “What Is A Witch” an illuminated manifesto on witchcraft, text by Pam Grossman, images by Tin Can Forest. 36 pages, Full Color, 9 x 11.75 Inches, Saddle Stitched, Printed in Canada, ISBN 978-0-9880222-3-2

Rated 4.8 on Goodreads


Video Essay

The Witching Hour” video essay on witches in cinema for Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Film Comment blog.  Mature content.


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Paul Laffoley "Astrological Ouroboros" 1965 Oil, acrylic, and hand applied vinyl letters on canvas and woodSigils


VisionQuestPC1     fatadabora


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Abraxas Vol 3 “Interview with Jesse Bransford”
Abraxas Vol 4 “Basement Vodou: Shannon Taggart”
Álvaro Barrios: The Hierophant of Barranquilla” catalog essay for his “Portrait of the Artist as a Medium” show at Henrique Faria New York
“El Gato Chimney’s Bewilderbeasts” catalog essay for his solo show at Stephen Romano Gallery
Etsy Guest Post: “Gifts for the Romantic”
Huffington Post: “The Year of the Witch”
Huffington Post: “Three Times a Lady: Tales with Triple Witches”
Literary Witches introduction essay (Seal/Hachette October 2017)
“Ms. Mystery: Susan Jamison’s Secret Garden” catalog essay for her “Super Natural” exhibition at The Longwood Center for Visual Arts
Medium “10 Ways to Celebrate Witches’ Night This Weekend
Medium “Wonder Woman: A Feel Piece” “An Old World Sense of Wonder” “Scent Guide”
Rik Garrett Earth Magic artist monograph introduction (Fulgur Press, 2014)
Sabat Magazine Issue 1: “Bitter-sweetie”
Sabat Magazine Issue 2: “Other Mother”
Sabat Magazine Issue 3: “Crowning the Crone”
Sabat Magazine Issue 4: “Dirty Divinity”
Sciences Occultes Magazine Issue 1: “Samhain” (page 102)
Sciences Occultes Magazine Issue 2:  “Midwinter Rituals” (page 66)
Sciences Occultes Magazine Issue 3: “Solar Rituals” (page 76)
Various interviews on Phantasmaphile


The Occult Humanities Conference at NYU, October 13-15, 2017 – co-organizer, co-host, and panel moderator
The Occult Humanities Conference at NYU, February 5-7, 2016 – co-organizer, co-host, and panelist
The Occult Humanities Conference at NYU, October 18-20, 2013 – co-organizer, co-host, and presenter


Lectures, Classes, & Other Appearances

“Night of the Witch” at City Gallery Wellington, NZ (remote), 2017

“Witch as Muse” at the Seligmann Center, Sugar Loaf, NY, 2017

“Witch Pictures” presentation at WITCHES art exhibition at SEPTEMBER Gallery, Hudson, NY, 2017

“Dead of Winter: Cinema of the Occult” film festival at The Brattle, Boston.  Co-curation, panel, and “What Is A Witch” presentation, 2017

“Witch Pictures” presentation at Ghostly Intimations evening, Alice Austen House, Staten Island, 2016

“Witch Pictures” presentation at The Esoteric Book Conference, Seattle, 2016

“Green Witch: Plant Magic, Alchemy, and the Wild Feminine” event with Robin Rose Bennett at The Alchemist’s Kitchen, 2016

“Night Flight: ‘What Is A Witch’ Book Party” at Catland, with Atlas Obscura, 2016

“Our Lady” Lecture Soiree, Atlas Obscura, 2016

“Magick Making: Art as Occult Practice” lecture at Morbid Anatomy Museum’s Festival of Arcane Knowledge, 2016

“Witch Pictures: Female Magic and Transgression in Western Art” lecture at the Seligmann Center, Sugar Loaf, NY, 2016

Spirit Art Symposium: Spiritualism and Western Art, Lily Dale, NY, 2015

IDIO Gallery: Panel on “Art and the Occult” with Pam Grossman, Jesse Bransford, and Max Razdow, Brooklyn, NY, 2015

“Witches, Bitches, Hags & Whores: Crafting the Wyrd Woman” lecture at Slutist’s “Legacy of the Witch” Festival, Brooklyn, NY, 2015

REALITY SANDWICH Visionary Dialog: Is the Contemporary Occult Different than Occult Era’s Past?  A live, interactive video discussion with Gary Lachman, Mitch Horowitz, David Metcalfe, & Pam Grossman, 2014

“Witch Pictures: Female Magic and Transgression in Western Art” lecture as part of the I:MAGE esoteric art conference at the Warburg Institute, London, UK, 2014

She Sees Visions: The Magical Female in Western Art” lecture at Lily Dale, NY, 2014

“Witch Pictures: Female Magic and Transgression in Western Art” lecture as part of “The Night of the Witch” with Christina Oakley Harrington at the META Center, NYC, 2014

“Art as a Spell: Resacralizing Urban Space” at the Occult Humanities Conference 2013, NYU

“The Occult in Modern Art 101” lecture at Observatory and The Esoteric Book Conference 2012, Seattle

Winter Solstice Ritual Workshop

Samhain/All-Soul’s Ritual Workshop

Autumn Descent and the Eleusinian Mysteries: A Ritual Workshop

Moon Magick Ritual Workshop

Spellcrafting with the 7 Elements Workshop

Witches’ Thanksgiving Autumn Equinox Workshop

Full Moon Fire Magick Workshop

Water Magick Ritual Workshop

Heart Magick Ritual Workshop

Summer Solstice Ritual Workshop

Phantasmaphile Events

“Art Workings” Panel with Susan L. Aberth, Jesse Bransford and William Breeze for “Language of the Birds: Occult and Art” exhibition at NYU’s 80WSE Gallery

“The Language” theatrical performance, written by Matthew Freeman, for “Language of the Birds: Occult and Art” exhibition at NYU’s 80WSE Gallery

Through a Glass Darkly: A Conversation on Witches, Photography, and the Creative Urge with Rik Garrett and Pam Grossman at Catland

Decadence, Symbolism, and Rock and Roll’s Occult Imagination: An Illustrated Talk by Peter Bebergal, Presented by Phantasmaphile at Morbid Anatomy Museum

Phantasmaphile Events Presented at Observatory:

Botanica Erotica: Aphrodisiac Love Potions – A Workshop with Herbalist Kate Temple-West
Painted Alchemists: Thomas Wijck at the Intersection of Art, Science, & Practice with Elisabeth Berry-Drago
The Secret History of Positive Thinking with Mitch Horowitz
Music the Dead Can Hear: Sound, Symbol, and the Occult in Luigi Russolo’s Art of Noises
Jesse Bransford: Building the Fourth Pyramid – An Occult Installation in Galveston
Real Magic: The Life and Methods of Neville Goddard – A presentation by Mitch Horowitz
Adventures in Limbo: The Neither-Neither World of Austin Osman Spare (and Abraxas 3 US Launch!) with Robert Ansell of Fulgur Esoterica
Apocalypse Now? The Lure of Nostradamus in Modern Times with Stephane Gerson
Natural Perfume Blending Workshop with Julianne Zaleta (multiple dates)
Dawn’s Left Hand: The Art of Ithell Colquhoun and Mid-20th Century British Occulture with Amy Hale
Magic Circles in the Grimoire Tradition with William Kiesel of Ouroboros Press
Symbols & Spells with Judika Illes
Terrarium Making Workshop with Twig Terrariums
Occult New York Walking Tour with Mitch Horowitz (recurring)
Occult Bloodlines: Sex with Fairies, the Celtic Faith, and the Nephilim with Maja D’Aoust
Observatory’s Lunar-themed 3rd Anniversary Fundraising Party
Winter Solstice Ritual Celebration with Robin Rose Bennett
Cocktail Alchemy with Julianne Zaleta (multiple dates)
Tarot Practicum with Kathy Biehl
Moonshot Magazine’s “Secret Issue” Reading and Release Party
The Magic of Magic Squares with Jesse Bransford
Bohemian Occult Subculture in Britain’s 1890s with Treadwell’s Christina Oakley Harrington
Manly P. Hall and the Secret Teachings of All Ages with Mitch Horowitz
Anima, Animus, Animate: Exploring Masculine and Feminine Archetypes Through the Tarot
Plant Medicine: An Initiation into an Alchemist’s Art with Kate Temple-West
From Baphomet to Marlene Dietrich: Transversing the Boundless with Frater Puck
The Kabbalistic Mirror of Genesis with David Chaim-Smith
Art and Alchemy with Ann McCoy
Mediumship in History and Today with Paul Selig and Mitch Horowitz
Observatory’s 2nd Anniversary Valentine Phantasia Fundraiser Party
The Secret History of the Ouija Board with Mitch Horowitz
The Book of Symbols: Reflections of Archetypal Images with ARAS curator Ami Ronnberg
Haunted Houses: Photographs and Recordings with Corinne May Botz
Nomad Codes: Adventures in Modern Esoterica with Erik Davis
BEYOND BIBA Film Screening
Surrealism and Women Artists with Professor Susan Aberth
“The Beautiful Experience” with Judith Schaechter
Come to Your Senses: An Evening with Kóan Jeff Baysa, M.D.
Chasing the Syncretic Tradition: Pulling Back the Curtain on the Visible World with Martin Bland
Women in Freemasonry with Professor Susan Aberth
Shamanic Ritual with Itzhak Beery
Coincident Monsters with Daniel A. Rabuzzi and Deborah Mills
Occult America with Mitch Horowitz
Borders & Bridges: Guided Tours of Human Wonder with Jeff Hoke and Clint Marsh
For the Next 7 Generations – The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Film Screening
Alchemy, Art, and the Realm of the Imaginary with Brian Cotnoir
Layered Orders: Crowley’s Thoth Deck and the Tarot with Jesse Bransford
MIRROR HORROR with Trinie Dalton

Herbalism and Ritual Consultation

I’m a graduate of Robin Rose Bennett’s Green Witch Herbal Apprenticeship, and a lifelong practitioner.  I’m available for consultations, spell crafting, and ritual work.  Please contact me if interested.