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Solstice Blessings

Happy Solstice!

I hope this missive finds you all aglow, and having a very happy Whatever You Call It. 

I love Winter Solstice. It offers a bit of a breather in the midst of holiday mayhem to be still and focus on all that sparkles in the dark. It's also a good reminder that no matter how gloomy or opaque things may seem, the sun always returns. 

On that note, I'm so pleased to let you know that the new episode of The Witch Wave is up now. In it, I discuss various Solstice rituals, and then speak with Lindsay Mack, tarot expert and founder of Wild Soul Healing. 

Lindsay holding the sun.

Lindsay holding the sun.

In this episode, Lindsay discusses ways to use tarot to move through trauma, listening to spirit guides, and the importance of getting one's hands dirty when doing divine work. 

It's meant to be a bright spot in the midst of the darkest season (though if you'd like to stay in the shadows a bit longer, do check out our prior episode with witchly dominatrix, Dia Dynasty).

In other news, Sabat Magazine republished my essay on the maiden archetype, Bittersweetie, on their new Medium feed. So if you missed it in their sold out print edition of Issue 1, now you can give it a read.

I'm also busy working on a few highly juicy projects which I'll be announcing in the new year. 

It's been a tough string of months in many respects, but I must say I'm feeling genuinely hopeful about 2018. Here's wishing you a year ahead full of wonder, wisdom, and wild witchery.

And do have a splendid Solstice in the meantime. I'm grateful for your continued support, and I'm sending you lots of blessings in turn.

The Shinto sun goddess Amaterasu emerging from her cave

The Shinto sun goddess Amaterasu emerging from her cave

Pam Grossman