Pam Grossman is a writer, curator, and host of The Witch Wave podcast.



Please note: the links below are in regard to my curation, writing, witchery, and other fine art projects.  Press links for my prior Getty Images work can be found here.





FEATURES “Art and the Occult” 3/24/13
Art & Antiques Magazine “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” June 2012 issue
Artforum “MUST SEE: Language of the Birds: Occult and Art” 1/16/16
Artforum “Bell, Book, & Candle” 10/27/13
Arthur “Vision Quest…” 1/5/10
Arthur “Fata Morgana” 3/14/09
Art in America “Exhibitions: The Lookout” 2/4/16
Bedford + Bowery “Five Crazy Things I Learned at the Occult Humanities Conference” 2/10/16
Bedford + Bowery “A Little Bird Told Me: Aleister Crowley and Genesis P-Orridge in Occult Art Show” 1/22/16
Boing Boing “What is a Witch: A poetic and visual conjuring of the witch archetype” 6/3/16
Boing Boing “Occult Humanities Conference in NYC next month 9/24/13
Boing Boing “Art and the Occult” 2/15/13
Boing Boing “Occult Art Show in Brooklyn” 6/1/12
Boing Boing “Alchemy-themed Art Show in Brooklyn” 4/13/11
Boston Globe “The season of the witch (and other things) 1/20/17
Brooklyn Rail “Pam Grossman with Jessica Caroline” 4/1/17
BUST “Witch Emojis Are Here For All Of Your Magical Texting Needs” 4/21/17
Comics Beat “What Is A Witch: Pam Grossman and Tin Can Forest Excel” 10/26/2016
Dirge “‘What Is A Witch?’ Will Remind You That You Were Always Magical” 6/6/16
Disinformation “Author Pam Grossman on Art, Magick and Mystery 7/15/16
Disinformation “Occult Feminism and the Psychic Superiority of Women” 3/29/13
Disinformation “The Midnight Archive – Art & the Occult” 2/15/13
Disinformation “Interview with Pam Grossman” 2/14/13
Disinformation “2013 – Year of the Witch…” 1/25/13
Eris Magazine “Occult Arts a Big Success in NYC” 1/23/16
Extraordinarium Journal “Exteriorizing the Inner Realms: Occult revelations in the art of Abraxas” 5/13/14
Flavorwire “Language of the Birds Examines a 100-Year History of Occult Art” 2/6/16
Fortean Times “Occulture Vultures” 1/1/14
The Front “What Is A Witch” 10/31/17
Greenpoint Gazette “Fata Morgana: Mirage and Fairy Culture at Dabora Gallery” 3/19/09
Grimoire “An Interview with Pam Grossman” 4/22/18
Haute Macabre “A Woman With Power: Pam Grossman” 3/3/17
Haute Macabre “Witch Emoji” 4/19/17
Haute Macabre “The Witch Wave Podcast with Pam Grossman” 11/14/17
HelloGiggles “WitchEmojis are perfect for all our ghoul gals out there” 4/28/17
Huffington Post “Delving Into the Shadowy World of Occult Art 1/27/16
Hyperallergic “Recreating the Magic Circle of a Surrealist Seriously into the Occult 1/26/16
Hyperallergic “ArtRx NYC: The Occult and Art” 1/12/16
Night Flight: “Strange Magic: Why occult-based art is about to cross your radar (if it hasn’t already) 1/14/16
NYU News 9/30/13
Observer "Pam Grossman Brings Modern Witchcraft to a Podcast and Emojis" 1/26/18
Patheos “What is a Witch?” 6/13/16
Raw Vision “80WSE Gallery” 2/1/16
Reality Sandwich “2013: The Year of the Witch” 2/19/13
Reality Sandwich “Art is Magic” 4/20/12
Red Door Magazine #13 “Interview with Pam Grossman: Esoteric Practices, Occult Arts, and The Year of the Witch” 6/13/13
The Revealer “Chapel Perilous: Notes from the New York Occult Revival”  2/11/14
Sanctuary “Spiritualized: Pam Grossman 11/28/17
SFAQ “Language of the Birds: Occult and Art at 80WSE Gallery” 2/5/16
Slutist “WitchEmoji: Infusing Magic Into Your Text Missives” 4/26/17
Slutist "Giving Voice to Our Pagan Past and Present: Pam Grossman on Witches, Women, and Pop Occulture 12/1/14
Spiral Nature “Language of the Birds Exhibition at New York University” 1/26/16
Spooky Vegan “Witch Emoji App” 4/19/17
Washington Square News “Exhibit Explores History of the Supernatural” 2/1/16



20×200: “Amy Ross @ Dabora Gallery” 3/11/09
Dazed “It’s the season of the witch” Spring/Summer 2016
Daily Mail: “Faces of Modern Witchcraft Uncovered” 10/30/18
Gala Darling: “Carousel: Too Much Reading Material?! NEVER!”  3/29/13
The Guardian: “The season of the witch: how Sabrina and co are casting their spell over TV 10/30/18
Huffington Post “The Enchanted World of Susan Jamison” 2/14/17
Huffington Post “Artist Interview: Jesse Bransford” 4/24/12
Juxtapoz “Welcome the Spring with Fata Morgana” 3/13/09
Lenny “Bewitching Reads” 8/18/16
Lumete Eyewear 6/24/11
Manifesto of Decadence “Language of the Birds: Occult and Art @80WSE Gallery” 1/17/16
Morbid Anatomy 11/14/11
Newsweek  “Hexing & Texting” 10/25/13
New Yorker “Goings On About Town” 2/1/16
New York Magazine “The Everything Guide to the Occult” 10/20/13
New York Times “What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week” 2/5/16
Patheos “Channeling the Medium: Witchcraft, Trends, and Media Culture” 9/29/16
Quartz "You Can't Control the Government - But You Can Hex It" 1/8/18
Salon “‘Mysticore’ is the new norm” 8/22/16
Seattle Weekly “Looking for a Rare Grimoire?” 9/7/16
Signature Reads: “Awaken Your Inner Witch with These 12 Witchy Reads 10/30/17
Slutist “Our Favorite Feminist Witches” 11/29/13
Teen Vogue “Why Witchy Culture Is Now Taking Over the Beauty World 2/24/17
Time Out New York “Things to Do: The Occult Humanities Conference” 10/14/13
Time Out New York Critics’ Pick “Occult in Modern Art 101 and Abraxas Launch Party 5/28/13
Time Out New York Critics’ Pick “Spellcrafting with the Seven Elements” 6/29/12
Time Out New York Critics’ Pick “Sigils & Signs” 4/27/12
Time Out New York Critics’ Pick “Occult Walking Tour with Mitch Horowitz” 3/15/12
Time Out New York Critics’ Pick “LUNATION: Art on the Moon 2/23/12
Time Out New York Critics’ Pick “Occult in Modern Art 101” 11/18/11
Time Out New York Critics’ Pick “Alchemically Yours” 6/2/11
Time Out New York “Eclectic Walking Tours” article 7/11/11
Time Out New York “Observatory” article 5/31/10
The Times “Modern mystics: why tarot cards are back in vogue” 1/20/19
Toronto Star “Witches aren’t going anywhere after Halloween” 10/28/16
Travel + Leisure “Street Fashion” 10/18/08
Urban Outfitters 1/15/10
Village Voice “Occult Humanities Conference” 2/3/16
Village Voice “Slutist’s Legacy of the Witch Casts a Powerful, Feminist Spell” 3/24/15
The Wild Hunt  “Esoteric Artist Featured at Florence Biennale”  11/21/13
The Wild Hunt “Unleash the Hounds! Link Roundup” 9/19/13
The Wild Hunt “Pagan Community Notes: Occult Humanities Conference, Witches & Pagans, Fracking, and More!” 8/26/13
The Wild Hunt “Re-enchanting the World: Art and Paganism” 6/13/12