Pam Grossman is a writer, curator, and host of The Witch Wave podcast.





Conjure an image of a witch in your mind’s eye, and you’ll find s/he can take many different shapes.  Evil, beautiful, hideous, holy, a sinner who just might save us all – this multifaceted archetype is a dark layer-cake of legends and associations.  Written by Phantasmaphile’s Pam Grossman and artwork by Canada’s occult sweethearts, Tin Can Forest, What Is A Witch is an illuminated incantation, a crystalline invocation, a lovingly-crafted celebration of the world’s most magical icon.

"What is a Witch feels like a captured dream to me, one in which the author and artists dutifully recorded what they experienced and shared the results with us. And those results definitely feel touched by magic." - Boing Boing

"What Is A Witch's lyrical language of night-song and half-rhymes, when given voice, becomes a wild, witty, wondrous invocation, threaded throughout with fanciful visions, whimsical allegory, and magical truths." - Dirge Magazine

"It's GORGEOUS" - Neko Case

4.72 on Goodreads

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